Get a Better Return From Your Time and Resources Invested in Grassland on Your Farm

farmGRAZE is a mobile application made by farming experts at Aberystwyth University, UK

Measure, record and manage your grazing platform with farmGRAZE for Android. Use this app to save money on unnecessary feed and fertilizer and save time on your farm.Use farmGRAZE regularly to improve the grazing platform for your dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep.

“Owning a farm and being able to save time on my record keeping is awesome. I know you say that on your website, but it’s true! Being able to keep track of my livestock movement and being able to calculate the amount of grass I have in the field is another huge plus. This is a real app that fills a real need for my farm. Now I feel like I'm finally in the 21st century”

Johnathon Chase

farmGRAZE Will Help You

  • Graze efficiently with minimum waste
  • Increase milk and meat production from grazed forage
  • Improve livestock growth rates/milk production
  • Reduce costs, only feed concentrates when needed
  • Increase the financial return from manure and purchased seed and fertiliser applications
  • Saave on reseeding costs and improve the yield and longevity of grass leys
  • Get a better return from the time and resources invested in grassland on your farm
  • Reduce paperwork and time in the office

farmGRAZE Saves You Money

  Paid Version Lite Version
Save grass measurement data
Keep records of your livestock movements
Plot grass wedge information graphically
Export to your e-mail in spreadsheet format
Set reminders in your phone calendar

Tested by real farmers in the field. This app is clear to read even on the sunniest or darkest of days!

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